Fabric Fails and Successes

A few weeks ago Joann’s was having a $1.99 Simplicity pattern sale.  Since I have so many patterns that I haven’t sewed yet, I only let myself pick two.  I chose Simplicity 1693 and Simplicity 1755, a Leanne Marshall pattern. Here they are:

Simplicity 1693

Simplicity 1755

I love both of them, but I really, really need some shirts. Right now I mostly wear college t-shirts since I’m working in a research lab for now, so I figured I’d do 1693 once I finish the peony. Right after I bought these patterns, I got an email about fabric.com’s clearance sale, and I took the bait. I immediately looked for their shirting section, and I bought three different cuts of polyester shirting. I think they were like $3.49/yd and I got 1.5 yds of two of the fabric and 2 yds of the other so I could make the 3/4 sleeved version (view A). I don’t know that much about polyester, but my justification was something like this, “The grocery store I worked in high school had polyester smocks, and they were pretty nice.” I obviously have a few  things to learn about fabric.

One of my fabrics. This one is really see through.

My fabric came last week. Big letdown. Super big. I should have known by the price. It feels and looks so cheap. is kind of see through, and very slippery. It reminds me a lot of lining fabric. Locally, Joann’s is the only place to buy fabric, but our Joann’s is really small and doesn’t have a lot of selection. I was hoping this would workout, but alas, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I think I really need to be able to see and feel fabrics before I buy them.

More polyester. I was going to make view D out of this one.

This was going to be View A

I know it’s probably not so much fabric.com’s fault, as it my own. I went back and reread the descriptions and they all say “This polyester fabric has a beautiful fluid drape and smooth hand. It is perfect for creating shirts, blouses, gathered skirts and flowing dresses with a lining….” I happened to focus on the “perfect for shirts and blouses” part and less on the “flowing dresses with a lining” part. Saying “flowing dresses with a lining” is just another way of saying “see through.” Anyways, I’m going to try to return them since they have free returns.

I did get one good thing out of this order though: Amy Butler Alchemy Voile Sketchbook in Butter. (I borrowed this picture from an etsy seller because my picture looks way too wrinkly and I don’t have time to iron right now)

Amy Butler Alchemy Voile Sketchbook Butter. I LOVE it!

AHHH! It’s so pretty. I love it! Now I wish I would have bought more than the 2.5 yds I did. I should’ve spent the money I used for the shitty polyester on this beauty. Anyways, I’m not sure what I’ll make with it. If I have enough fabric, I’m thinking I might make another peony if I can ever get the one I have fitting correctly (more on that to come) or a sleeveless Simplicity 2444, which was the first dress I ever tried to make. It was kind of a fail. I ended up quitting before finishing, but I kept the dress, so I can use it as a muslin. I might try to make the short sleeved version of this dress, but I’m a little short on fabric.

Simplicity 2444. Maybe with Amy Butler voile?

I’m still working on the peony. I copied the pattern pieces transferred all my muslin markings last night. I’m going to try to get another (hopefully wearable) muslin of the bodice done before the weekend. I’ll update when I’m done.


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