I’m Sarah. I’m a grad student living in Virginia. I took up sewing about two years ago because I have a hard time finding cloths that fit, and I wanted more control over what I wore. I felt like clothes from the junior’s department fit, but were too “young” for me, and I have a hard time finding clothes in my size in the ladies department.  Plus, let’s face it, I’m a grad student. AKA I’m poor. I hoped that if I couldn’t afford nice cloths that fit and looked right for me, I could learn to make them.

I sewed for about a year, but was never very serious about learning the correct techniques and soon after moved in with a roommate. With a roommate, my two dogs and my cat, there was no room for my sewing stuff. So, I haven’t sewn anything in over a year. Now my roommate is gone, I got married, moved in with my husband, and I have a sewing room 🙂 I’m excited to start sewing again, and hope that this time around I can do things the “right way” and especially want to focus on fit.



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